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Ams Metal celebrated its 20th birthday in 2017!

2018r. New version of the company’s website and new commercial offer.

2018r Opening of a new investment – ATM Arno Press 350 briquetting press.


Aluminium is one of the three most common metals that are present in the crust. In natural environment it exists in permanently bounded for and as a bauxite. For this reason, mining pure aluminium consumes a lot of energy and it is very expensive.

This material is an integral part of an industry and our daily lives. It is present in many products. Due to its lightness and strength at the same time, corrosion resistance, recycling properties and susceptibility of formation, it has an indispensable part in an automotive industry (car bodies), in an aviation industry, in an astronautics, packaging industry (beverage cans), an electrical industry (transmission power line), the industry is a builder or as a copper’s substitute for electrical cables.

Notowania metali (aktualizowane raz dziennie)
Nazwa Cena
 Aluminium 2905,00 -1,06% 24 wrz
 Cyna 37500,00 2,53% 24 wrz
 Cynk 3109,00 2,17% 24 wrz
 Miedź 9274,00 0,25% 24 wrz
 Nikiel 19170,00 -0,32% 24 wrz
 Ołów 2158,00 0,94% 24 wrz
 Stopy aluminium 2522,00 -0,04% 24 wrz
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Kursy walut
NBP 2021-09-27
USD 3,9276 +0,02%
EUR 4,5912 -0,38%
CHF 4,2307 -0,44%
GBP 5,3815 -0,09%
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