The laboratory is investigating aluminum products and other commodities that are
bought and sold by AMS Metal Sp. z o.o. For chemical analysis are used two stationary spectrometers, one manual spectrometer and portable spectrometers.


AMS Metal has specialized analytical equipment, thanks to which we are able to make very accurate and detailed analyzes.


In addition, the laboratory has other devices: induction melting furnace, dryers, centrifuges and concrete mixer, used to prepare samples and carry out the necessary measurements.


Other goods are subjected to tests in accordance with the specificity of the material and form: aluminum, brass and iron chips are subjected to fraction and humidity tests, dross is measured in yield angle, aluminum cans – for contamination, aluminum foils – checked for varnish content, the aluminum sector is melted into samples.


All aluminum products like hemispheres, cones, pyramids, galls, blocks are analyzed and described in detail.
The products prepared for shipment are certified with a certificate of quality of AMS Metal Laboratory.

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