Transport services quickly and safely

  • We have transport insurance on 150.000 €
  • We have a permit to transport waste in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium
  • Our fleet has a maximum of 2 years of truck
  • A wide range of semi-trailers: Semi-trailer with walking floor, Tilt, Curtainsider, Tipper


Department of Transport and Forwarding AMS Metal Sp. z o.o. provides services in three areas: transport of own goods and foreign goods and forwarding, also has a petrol station, for the purpose of servicing the company’s rolling stock. Currently, the Department of Transport and Forwarding has 21 tractor units and specialized semi-trailers of the type:
tarpaulins, dump trucks, moving floors, cola husks, specialized sets of trucks: HAK-sheep for transporting containers, vans and containers for storing and transporting metal scrap. The rolling stock that AMS Metal has at its disposal is systematically renewed and expanded in a three-year cycle. The cars are equipped with a monitoring system and GPS devices, which allows for effective time management and work organization.


We focus on servicing industry clients: in the area of metal transportation and scrap in the European Union and in Europe. We have permits for the transport of metal waste and scrap: NIVO in the Netherlands, OVAM in Belgium, OR in Italy and permits resulting from the „Green List”, ADR permit and other respects in the Czech Republic, France, Spain, and England. All cars are serviced in specialized car services with which we cooperate. The remaining necessary minor repairs and repairs are carried out in the company’s Mechanical Workshop.


We have a qualified staff. The team consists of experienced and trained international drivers as well as dispatchers and forwarders. Every day we make every effort to ensure that our services in the field of transport and forwarding are at the highest possible level. We approach the needs of our clients individually, professionally and flexibly. Our goal is to strengthen the company’s position in the transport market. In the plans for the future: extension of the rolling stock and purchase of new tarpaulin type curtains and walking floor trailers with the possibility of side loading.


Miłosz Adamski
Head of the transport department,
(32) 609 13 35, 609 827 063,
Paweł Żbik
(32)661 82 29, 604 744 655
Bartłomiej Dybała
(32)609 13 30, 609 827 083,

AMS Metal Sp. z o.o.

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